The Untapped Audience


/ ˈsiNGɡəlt(ə)n/


  • a single person or thing of the kind under consideration
  • an unmarried person who does not live with a significant other
  • in mythology: lonely, isolated, morally corrupt, a social failure

In 2016, individuals who are single now account for more than half the U.S. population. Known as Singletons, some may be seeking a partner, but many are not in a hurry to nail down a significant other, or a family, or even a tax break. For many Singletons, being single is no longer a phase; it has become a lifestyle worth $1.9 trillion. And while some brands may have adapted their messaging to include modern coupled families (think gay marriage, mixed-race families or remarried parents), most brands have neglected to represent single individuals positively, if at all. Why aren’t brands doing more to reach Singletons?

At Cactus, we recognize the huge opportunity that Singletons present for our clients. That’s why we partnered with the University of Colorado Boulder Department of Advertising, PR & Media Design to dive deeply into the psychographic and behavioral similarities across Singletons from all demographics. Our goal was to better profile Singletons so we could help our clients tap this growing market. Here’s what we found: