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Part of our Nature


While it looks pretty perfect up here, it’s not so easy living in the mountains. With harsh weather, unpredictable seasonal work, sky-high financial costs, and everyone in town knowing everyone else’s business, people in mountain communities often struggle with stigma around their mental health and a perceived lack of services.

To help people find support and give themselves permission to be ok with not feeling ok, we partnered some of the mountain’s furriest, friendliest residents to remind mountain communities that changes in their mental health are just a part of their nature — just like how a wolf howls to its pack, a squirrel steals trail mix, or a bear does its business in the woods. 

From there, we created a charming, disarming way for people to think about their mental health, remove the stigma, and most importantly educate them on how to access support services in their community. View some of the campaign below and visit partofournature.org.