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Citizen Impeachment wins Best of Show

The Denver One Club awards Best of Show based on three criteria:

  • A piece of work that sets a new standard
  • A piece of work that inspires, motivates and can be learned from
  • A piece of work that truly stands out from the rest

We are honored to share this Best of Show piece of work, an animated video Cactus made in partnership with donated time and talent of Spillt to remind the people of their power to vote in 2020. This spot is part of an integrated campaign that also received merit for its out-of-home, Gold overall as an Integrated Campaign and an additional Gold for this Best of Show video. 

Additional Cactus wins for Denver One Club 2020 included:


Moving Image | Camp Colorado | Colorado Lottery


Moving Image | Sad Genie | Colorado Lottery


Integrated | Branding | Seamless | Edward-Elmhurst Health

Interactive Applications | Nod | Grit Digital Health